Welcome to Mint Tea. This is my little graphicy type site. Here you'll find my zillion and two avatars, some random wallpaper and backgrounds and some other misc stuff. My Terms of Use are hanging at the bottom of the page. Please read and enjoy.

May 14, 2007

Icons are all up to date. Look for the and buttons. As always, for the most up to day content, visit my Livejournal

I am not currently accepting requests.
I've also retired from template making.

These graphics are free for personal use on your websites or messageboards as long as you are not directly linking to my graphics! If you need image hosting, use imageshack, photobucket or tinypic. Anyway, the graphics are free to use and all I ask is that you please link to us using one of the buttons (located in the links section) or a simple text link or keyword for LJs. Please do not alter them or claim my graphics as your own, else my little goblins will come after you. The only exceptions are icons specifically left with places for personalization and templates, which were made for you to use. However, if you choose to use these, I still ask that you credit me as I put a lot of hard work into them and also it allows other people to find me. When posting icons that you've made with my templates to communites or on personal sites, etc., you must credit. Why? Because other people might want to use my tmeplates, so spread the love ok? ^_^ So the main points are, no stealing, give credit and no direct linking ^_^ Thanks a lot. I hope you enjoy my efforts.