There are lots of different ways of outlinging text. In PSP7, simply not turning off the Foreground color will cause a sort of halo of that color around your text, of course in icons that's not very ideal. So this is my preferred method for outlining text ^_^

The materials you need are, nothing really. We're just going to do a little test run, so open two new images, one black 100x100 square and one white 100x100 square. Set your colors, foreground color white and background color black.

What we're going to do is put black text outlined in white onto our black square. So pick your text button and let's add some text to the white square. You'll want your settings as follows:

The most important things are that the stroke color is off. You can do that manually by pressing the black arrow and clicking on the or simply by clicking the "Standard text" button. You want it to be "Floating" which means it will be a floating selection on your image that you can freely move around. The antialias can make all the difference for your text looking good or like crap....if you're using a bitmap pixel font such as 04b03, you don't need it on, it won't really make a difference. If, however, you are using any other want that on, otherwise you're text is all pixelly and ugly. Test it out and see for remember, antialias is important ^_^

Moving along, once you've got it all set up, type in a little test text and press ok. Now you'll have text that is surrounded by the little selection lines.

You can move it around so that it's centered, but that's it. Don't deselect it, you want it to be selected and blinking for this next step ^_^ Go up to the menu and click on Selections > Modify > Expand. Expand is such a handy button, I've put it on my top toolbar as you can see. ^_^

You'll get this. We're going to expand by 1 pixel for now.

Ok, so you've expanded and this is what you'll have.

Now you'll want to copy (Ctrl+C) and go back to your black square. Paste into your black square (Ctrl+E) and then drag it to the appropriate location. Once you have it where you want it you can press Ctrl+D to deselect it.

Are you ready for the next step? Well there is none! You're done. You have just outlined your text. Yay! Of course, don't stop there, there's plenty you can do with these basic steps. For insance, after you expand your selection, you can also feather it (Ctrl+H) by a few pixels, for a sort of glow, blurred affect like so:

Also, if you want your text to fade into the picture you've selected, you can paste your text as a new layer (Ctrl+L) and mess with the opacity.

So, it's a very simple, yet highly flexible technique and I hope you have fun with it.^_^