Ok, so you've seen all the cool templates...what now? Here's a quick tutorial to show you what to do.

The materials you need are 1 template and 1 base. I've chosen these two:

First go to your base and make sure that you have your color depth set to 16million. How can you tell? If you have a color pallete that looks like this as opposed to Then you'll want to go to Colors and increase your color depth like so .

With that out of the way you're ready to start. Copy your template and then go to the base. Paste the template as a new layer. Ctrl+L or

At this point your base will have disappeared. You can't see it anymore, but don't panic ok. Take your magic wand tool. And Select the white part that you want to put see the picture through. You should get something like this . Next, Delete it just by pressing delete on your keyboard. Now you'll have a little window. Continue doing that to everything you wish to see, you may also use the erase tool for smaller areas or other types of effects. When you're done you'll have something like this

That's it. That's how you use a template. Simple really. But there's so many other things you can do with them. Like transparencies. And coloring your lines. Play around with it and get creative!