Welcome to my wallpaper section. I really don't make many wallpapers, but when I'm really happy with one, I like to share ^_^ Here's a few that I've made, just click the thumbnails to see the bigger ones pop up in a new window. Newest on top.


Notes: This is me experimenting with lots of different things. Picture from Clamp, lyrics (if you can tell it's lyrics) from Natalie Imbruglia.

Notes: This was a special request for a friend. It features Kayura from Ronin Warriors and some Fleetwood Mac lyrics.

Notes: This is a wallpaper from a manga called Haru Wo Daite Ita by Youta Nikka. Pretty pretty. The lyrics are Sunshine and Chocolate by Semisonic. Yeah, flower, sunshine and chocolate. That fits so well...don't ask ^_^;

Notes: I had originally created this photo to use on an icon. The icon came out so well that I wanted to make it into a wallpaper. The line is a modified line from a Sneaker Pimps song. Anyway, I must say that it looks really nice on my desktop ^_^

Notes: I created a layout based on this picture of Viggo Mortensen and I just love it! Yes, that's the guy that was Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. Anyway, the quote is from one of his poems, Your Terms.

Notes: An Angel Sanctuary wall with Garbage lyrics.

Notes: Ken from Weiss Kruez with Goo Goo dolls lyrics.

Notes: A Saiyuki wallpaper with Sting lyrics which I find quite appropriate.


Notes: A random picture with Garbage lyrics, Send Me an Angel.

Notes: An Earthian picture with some of my favorite Robbie Williams lyrics from the song, Love Calling Earth.

Notes: Earthian with Duncan Sheik lyrics.